Seizing Success

 New book encourages readers to get more out of life

Author Baldev K. Seekri paves way to ‘Seizing Success: How Mindset Makes It Happen’

ATTLEBORO, Mass. – According to a 2012-2013 Gallup research, more than 80% of the working people in the world are not actively engaged in their jobs. They are there for the sake of being there. Author Baldev K. Seekri helps readers get more from life than simply going through the motions of life by providing the principles and the 10 commandments of developing a success mindset in his book, “Seizing Success: How Mindset Makes It Happen” (published by iUniverse).

In this book, seven great people share their personal life stories of discovering and navigating new paths of fulfillment – all done by developing the right mindset. Representing diverse cultural values and beliefs spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, the four men and three women cover a gamut of professionalism. Their valuable insights encompass the world of business, nonprofit organizations, education, leadership and executive coaching. Readers can journey with them as they share how they found the true meaning of personal success and develop their right mindsets to reach the pinnacle of genuine success.

“The goal of this book is very simple: to convince you how valuable and indispensable your mindset is to seek, attain, and grow your personal success which is lasting, meaningful, and enjoyable,” Seekri says. “I want to inspire you to learn putting the horse before the cart in your success journey-not the opposite way I did and spent most of my life chasing phantom success.”

Explained with lucidity and validated with true success stories of seven great people around the globe, “Seizing Success: How Mindset Makes It Happen” will make readers understand the essence and the indispensability of their mindset, and will inspire them to pursue their own genuine success rather than chasing success like a mirage and settling for a mediocre life.

“Seizing Success: How Mindset Makes It Happen”

By Baldev K. Seekri

Hardcover | 6x9in | 286 pages | ISBN 9781532014093

Softcover | 6x9in | 286 pages | ISBN 9781532014086

E-Book | 286 pages | ISBN 9781532014079

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

“Success requires a mindset that rejects old assumptions and limitation and frees people to imagine and accomplish something different. In Seizing Success, Baldev Seekri has developed a hopeful and unique view of the engine, that is the critical mindset which keeps people going despite the inevitable barriers.”

– Judith M. Bardwick,

PhD, Author, Danger in the comfort Zone (National Bestseller)


 “An excellent framework to access and fulfill the potential for individual success. An optimistic view that there is no externally- imposed limit to the total success in the world with several inspiring examples that it’s attainable.”

– Woody Quimby,

Former Sr. VP, Texas Instruments Inc.  

“Seizing Success is a moving collection of stories about people who reached great heights by simply tapping into their own success mindset.  Through storytelling, Baldev provides us with the empirical data that success lies in all of us – but it is our choice to make it happen or not.   Read on, learn, and then begin to write your own powerful story of success.  You’ve got this. “

– Pam Alarie,

 VP of Human Resources, The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company and Chairperson of the Board of Leadership Rhode Island

“Baldev Seekri’s success mindset principles and Ten Commandments of Developing a success mindset are essential for anyone who endeavors to get more from life than simply going through the motions.” – Ryan Houmand,

Cofounder @ Qwerke, Author, Making Good Managers GREAT and Building the World’s Most Engaged Teams

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